R-values is a measure of thermal resistance of a material’s ability to resist heat flow.  Installing insulation in a new home can make a significant difference to the comfort and energy performance of the home.

More information than ever is sought by consumers to understand how to build a more energy-efficient home, and to understand how to evaluate the efficiency of various building material options.  The thermal performance of the building envelope is a significant factor in the energy efficiency of a building.

Thermal performance depends upon many factors, including the amount of insulation, the extent of glass/glazing used, mass and thickness of the walls, and the thermal resistance of wall materials.  Material properties for common building materials are given including thermal resistance (R-values) and transmittance (U-factors) based on steady-state conditions.

Building with Stumbelbloc you can dramatically increase the R-value of your wall from approximately 2.5 to 8.  This is done by filling the cavities of the wall with recycled polystyrene.

Please view table below of the various R-values that can be achieved :

R-values Stumbelbloc - Garden Route

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